Did you know that saving and blocking balls is only a very small part of GOALPLAYING?

Our mission is not only to prepare your GOALPLAYERS for these situations as best as possible, but to improve them sustainably across all requirements.

There are only 4,7 crucial situation per match to avoid goals. 4.7 Situations in which your GOALPLAYER can make the difference between winning and losing.

Requirements for the GOALPLAYER


Game openings


Playing ability


Saving + blocking balls


Set pieces

Our modular education services for GOALPLAYERS and coaches reach from a grass-roots to a professional level. The integrated system combines personal and digital coaching solutions to create a maximum impact.

01. Process

Taking the initial conversations into account our project team will further analyze the existing structure followed by jointly designing the new framework.

02. Coaching

We use different methodologies to achieve maximum impact for your team and organisation.

Our coaching zone of both your GOALPLAYERS and coaches focuses on the five most important areas in GOALPLAYING training.

„Sharing my knowledge and empowering others is the heart and gravity centre of the Oliver Kahn Academy.

Our vision is to drive the future development of professional and grass-roots GOALPLAYING around the world.“