Technology has become an elementary part of football education.
Together with highly specialized partners, the Oliver Kahn Academy works on innovative projects in order to not only improve training conditions, but also to make them easier and cheaper to access.

3D motion analysis

Together with our partners Predimo and bioµchanics, we are developing a new analysis tool to measure and optimize the performance of GOALPLAYERS in professional and amateur football. Various specific parameters are recorded, analyzed and evaluated using 3D motion analysis as well as in-shoe pressure sensors.

This scientifically-based data enables the coach to create and implement customized training programs for his GOALPLAYERS.


Latest requirements for GOALPLAYERS

Virtual Reality

AR and VR have conquered the sport long since. Together with our partner 3Spin we are developing a solution to make decision making and reactions clearly measurable to be an essential part of performance evaluation.


B2C wearable for GOALPLAYERS

Over the last decade a multitude of high-tech sensor technologies have been used to help football players reach their absolute maximum potential.

While effective, their costs are prohibitive for all but the top clubs. With the “Wearable Project” the Oliver Kahn Academy aims to enable all GOALPLAYERS to track and evaluate their training without the need of very expensive equipment.


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