Coaches Education

The quality and amount of coaches are the backbone of your future GOALPLAYING performance. On both levels, grassroots and professional, the OKA delivers tailormade programs according to your coaches´ needs. Through specific Licence Courses and Masterclasses, we will develop your coaches to the next level.

License Courses

Although the GOALPLAYER is the most important player on the field, there are very few educated coaches for this crucial position.

The OKA closes this gap and offers its own Goalkeeping License Courses for all GOALPLAYER coaches.

Masterclasses - Coach the Coach

Masterclasses - Coach the Coach

The Masterclass delivers one of the best individual development programs for your coaches.

Through more than 10 selected Masterclasses of each 3 to 4 days we will develop your coaches to the next level.


Mentoring is the most effective part of reality-based coaching providing a one-to-one coaching situation.

The mentee is instructed in his familiar environment by the Oliver Kahn Academy instructor and obtains individual recommendations for his personal development.

Tailored playing philosophy

Tailored playing philosophy

The playing philosophy is indispensable and a main pillar of success for the whole team. It must be individually created and structured down to the last detail.

Based on your needs and circumstances the Oliver Kahn Academy develops a tailor-made GOALPLAYING Philosophy.

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